About IMTC

IMTC was established in 2013. In early 2017, IMTC became the first social enterprise in Hong Kong dedicated to the growth and promotion of music therapy, as recognized by Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

We only hire internationally-recognized and registered music therapists and psychologists. This guarantees that our clients and patients always receive a world-class service quality.

We serve individuals, non-profit organisations, schools, hospitals, and more. Read more about who we work with and what we do here: Our Services.

Our recognition

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Core Values


All our colleagues and music therapists are passionate about the therapeutic benefits music brings to the self and to the wider community. We always go the extra mile in our work.


Our team is highly flexible in running therapeutic sessions that increases motivation as well as engagement among participants. Music experiences and feelings of empathy can help particpants achieve better therapeutic outcome.


Music therapy is gaining increasing attention in the world of research and academia. We stay updated on the latest research to ensure our services move with the time and are in line with global practices, meeting individual’s therapeutic needs.


Different music therapy approaches are suited for different participants and clinical settings. Our therapists focus on different areas to develop their unique strengths, passion, and expertise – this ensures IMTC’s team are well-equipped to address a large variety of therapeutic needs.

Message from the Founder

I once had a patient and their family describe music therapy as bringing them a miracle. “Music therapy is not a miracle, but a scientifically-driven therapy that offers spiritual and physical healing,” I answered. Music can connect to the brain and improve mental, cognitive (concentration, memory, intelligence, etc.), and physical function, as well as language, social, and communication capabilities. This ultimately leads to clear health improvements for the body, mind, and spirit.

Many people agree that life cannot be lived without music. Music therapists establish unique treatment directions and goals to accommodate varying musical preferences and participant needs. All of this is offered in a safe and comfortable environment.

To be clear, receiving music therapy does not require any musical knowledge and experience. There is no limit on age and ability – music therapy is for everyone. Participants of all ages and backgrounds can use music therapy to overcome difficulties in their lives.

We strictly adhere to professional ethics and keep our patients’ information fully confidential. IMTC is committed to the global movement and growth of music therapy and its benefits. We will update and upload relevant articles regularly.

Mr Kingman Chung