[Music at Home Social at Ease] 有助幼兒溝通及社交發展的兒歌專輯

[Music at Home Social at Ease] 有助幼兒溝通及社交發展的兒歌專輯現正發售!
內附由三位註冊音樂治療師 – 鍾敬文、梁凱琪及溫美梨創作的廣東話兒歌,包括活動指引,供家長與幼兒透過親子互動,配合兒歌,建立孩子的溝通及社交能力。


We are thrilled to announce the release of the debut album from Registered Music Therapists Kingman Chung, Jacqueline Leung and Bettina Wan, [Music at Home Social at Ease], available now!

[Music at Home Social at Ease] is an album consisting of originally composed songs by Registered Music Therapists. These songs are designed to enhance social and communication development in young children through parent-child bonding activities. Instruction booklet is included in the CD and parents are encouraged to sing with their children to improve social and communication skills.

For More Information and samples of our CD, Please visit www.musicathomealbum.wix.com/bytherapists













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