About IMTC

Established in 2013, IMTC became the first social enterprise in Hong Kong dedicated to the growth and promotion of music therapy, as recognized by the HKCSS in 2017.

Adhering to our motto “Bring Healing through Music”, we are committed to serving the community by providing professional music therapy services to individual and families in need.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a research-driven form of professional therapy recognized in over 40 countries. Music therapy can serve as a safe and comfortable form of treatment that fulfils both physical and mental needs – while also reducing reliance on medication (and risk of side effects). Treatment also helps those with speech and expression difficulties.

Our Services

IMTC handles various music therapy programmes suited for different needs and circumstances. As an officially recognized social enterprise, much of IMTC’s work is done for NGOs with social benefit considerations at heart. We also have programmes tailored for individuals or private companies.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us through email info@imtc.com.hk or by phone 2968 1710 during office hours.

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Special Notice

In response to the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, all therapists, clients and carers involved in music therapy services are required to adhere to a series of infection control measures in order to minimise risk of infection. Click here to read more – “Infection Control Measures”.

International Music Therapy Centre also provides Online Music Therapy Services, talk to our therapists or contact us today.

Local Professional Body: Hong Kong Music Therapy Association