Music at Home Social at Ease

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The music album “Music at Home Social at Ease” was specifically made for pre-school children, to build social and communication skills. The album was made by three registered Music Therapists, Kingman, Bettina, and Jacqueline.

The music album included plenty of original Cantonese music. Those songs were designed for family music activities (included tutorial booklet), to improve social and communication skills for pre-school children. Also, we encourage parents to sing along with their children, to achieve an optimal result for their children.

Songs in the album are not bounded with the Nursery rhyme. The main purpose of this album is to create an opportunity for children to improve their social and communication skills using music activities. Every song was matched with activities suggested by Music Therapist, to achieve some niche targeting goals. Those goals allow children to learn to imitate, to encourage eye contact, to speak, and to learn turn-taking, etc.

The Economics of Therapy

We are delighted to inform you that you can get the latest in-depth book about the world of therapy worldwide (including music therapy) – The Economics of Therapy: Caring for Clients, Colleagues, Commissioners and Cash-Flow in the Creative Arts Therapies! Our Founder, Kingman Chung, has contributed a chapter to the book as a Hong Kong representative.

The book discusses the economic fundamentals behind arts-related therapy fields and how business survival needs to be closely linked to ethical care. Order now by emailing us directly at

Book —- We have a child with Autism at home

Mr. Chung King Man, chairman of IMTC, accepted an interview by the book reporter, accomplishing analysis and providing guidance from a professional perspective about the relation between Music Therapy and child with autism.

Book name: “We have a child with Autism at home”  —- an Autistic case study with professional analysis and guidance.

Author: Yuk Chi Resource Centre, Doctor Tig Sik Chuen, Professor Sin Kuen Fung Kenneth Co-author.