[Online Webinar] Deep into Music Therapy: The Power of Drums

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Does music therapy just only involve listening to music and singing? Of course not! Rhythm is also an important element in music therapy. How does rhythm, pace, dynamic, etc. do with us? What role does drum play in music therapy? And what are the different effects of using frame drum and cone drum?

It is fortunate for IMTC to invite Carolyn Koebel, an American registered music therapist and percussionist, to show us the power of drums in music therapy, and use drums to bring changes to those in need.

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DATE: 24 Apr 2021 (Sat)

TIME: 19:00-21:00 (GMT+8)



  • Performance skills of frame drum and cone drum, movements and therapeutic structure
  • Understand the movements by speech rhythm
  • Guide to differentiate and group the rhythms
  • The 4 considerations of using drums in therapy

SPEAKER: Carolyn Koebel

MM, MT-BC, Adjunct professor of music therapy at Western Michigan University, Percussionist

With 30 years of experience, Carolyn is committed to providing therapeutic services through rhythm and is proficient in various percussion instruments. She has spent more than 20 years traveling around to explore different percussion cultures and techniques. She has been active in different areas of clinical work, including palliative care, youth projects, community music therapy, special education needs, dementia, etc.


For more details and registration: https://bit.ly/3dDR7YS

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