Music Therapy Q&A: How much does Music Therapist earn?

The salary of a music therapist was always a mystery. There is always some people keep asking us, how much do we actually earn? Or, how much does it cost per session? Let us review the mystery for you!

In other countries, music therapist is ranked the same as other type of therapists. Like, for example, Speech-Language Pathologist, physiotherapist. Therefore, in Hong Kong, we would also take reference as other therapists to set the charge. Other than that, most of the music therapist work as a freelancer in Hong Kong has different charges per session.

Music therapist would charge differently based on experience, education level or any other factors. So, does that music therapist “worth it”? More or less, it is affected by the society.

However, no matter how much we earn, loving music, feeling meaningful, keeping grateful are the most important factor as a music therapist. Then, not only we could help others when they are in need, we would also feel satisfy from our work.

If you have any other question regarding music therapy, please feel free to direct message us for more information.