Music and Life: What to do when all romantic word can only be stored in heart due to aphasia?

For a person suffering stroke and aphasia, even they can receive and understanding normally, they cannot talk normally to present what they are thinking. At that moment, they must be frustrated and depressed. However, with the help of music therapist, we use music as a medium, to activate all the brain area, to retrieve the ability to present normally through speaking.

Following, we are introducing two methods to focus on their weaknesses, in order to recover their speaking ability. They are “Music Intonation Therapy” and “Therapeutic Singing”  respectively.

“Music Intonation Therapy”

We use melody, rhythm and accent to stimulate brain area and activate area for speech. Then, we take out the melody periodically, allowing them to talk like how we usually do. Finally, regain the ability to talk.

According to researches, Music Intonation Therapy is more suitable for people with stroke and damaged left brain. They can receive message normally, but cannot talk normally.

“Therapeutic Singing”

It allow patients to sing a song they familiar with, to stimulate brain area, activate long-term memory, create linkage to brain area for speech in left-brain. In other words, using songs retrieve speaking.

According to studies, using the help with music, some brain area would be more reactive than without music. Those area are speech-related, including listening, motor and speaking-related muscles.

Friendly reminder, above method might not work perfectly to everyone, it must be evaluated by music therapist before planning the recovery program.