Even labelled as “different”, still deserve to be loved

Today, there are still many people putting diverse opinions on children with autism. For example, think they are “not normal”, “causing problems”. However, they are still a living person, there is no reason not to share the love with them.

An animation production company, Pixar, uploaded a video called “Float” recently. It is about a child who keeps floating in the air, his father tried many methods to make his son “normal”.

In fact, every one of us is unique, we have our strengths and weaknesses. The story keeps pointing out that, people will keep viewing some people as “minority”, not only people in the society but also their own parents. Then, it will cause damage to their mental health, even it might not be their fault.

According to the author and director of the video “Float”, they mentioned, “floating child” was presenting “not normal” in society. The author is a father to a child with autism, he hopes to bring a positive message to parents with “not normal” children, allowing their kids to be accepted and loved, also allowing them to “float” freely. Then, this is love.

What do you feel after the touching video, feel free to share your view in the comment section.

Click me to watch “Float”: https://youtu.be/1HAGuju_yKY