20210301 World Music Therapy Day

First of March, not only two months passed in 2021, but it is also “World Music Therapy Day”. We hope to bring social awareness, education and promote music therapy to all of you.

Recently, Hong Kong people were starting to have a better understanding of music therapy, willing to trust the impact through music. Because of that, due to pandemics, music therapy could play an important role to release their stress and frustration. Music Therapists from IMTC kept changing our service, to provide the best of quality to all our patients. For example, online therapy sessions, short videos, online workshops, and talks. From that, we aim to reduce face-to-face contact and keep providing materials to all patients in need.

In the future, IMTC will keep using different methods, to promote the benefit of music therapy, bring positive impact and share music with all of you.