Singing bowl could “self-healing”, but not the same as music therapy

Some of you might think, listening to the sound produced by a singing bowl can stabilize emotions, reduce anxiety. Then, isn’t it a kind of music therapy?

First, we must understand what is music therapy. It is an allied health service, music Therapists in foreign countries might work in a hospital. Apart from that, every one of us would have a different reaction to different sounds. Therefore, we cannot define any specific instrument as “therapy”.

Every music therapy session has its specific goal, in order to help patients recover mobility or speech-ability. On the other hand, singing bowl mostly focuses on mental health, using resonance between frequency and body, to stabilize, release emotion. As there are some similar effects between singing bowl and music therapy, so some of you might think they are the same.

Needless to say, singing bowl could make people feel calm, especially in a “city of rush” like Hong Kong. However, even singing bowl and music therapy are similar, they both have their own strength and specific usage. So, why not both?

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