How Music Therapy Could Help Premature Infants

In fact, there are different studies that point out that, music therapy is beneficial to premature infants. It brings a positive impact to brain development and allows them to leave the hospital earlier than other premature infants.

However, not every song has the same effect on them, those songs must be original or rearranged by researchers or music therapists. Researchers will rearrange their parent’s favorite song and change the lyrics to the baby’s name and “ah” sound.

According to studies, live performance music has a better effect than pre-recorded music. The reason behind, it allows the baby to prepare for an unstable environment, reduces the baby’s heart rate.

The body part of premature infants is weaker, even using an infant incubator, some environmental factors would still put a negative effect on them. For example, door-opening sound, people in or out, or alarm.

In other countries, many hospitals have already used music therapy for premature infants, which Hong Kong is still in the developing process. We hope people could understand the benefit that music therapy could bring to society.

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